Chat Code Commands in Doodle Army2: Mini Militia

What are Chat Codes?

Chat codes are a shortened form of a word or phrase. It is easy to remember something lengthy in an abbreviated form. For these, we may use keywords or abbreviations to represent something that is long enough.

Chat Codes of Minimilitia

LGlets go,yea
BI bring it
GSget some
RUready up
NN noooooooooooo
CBcome on boy
NSNice shot
GGGood Game
HH –  A perfect fighting machine
CMcover me
MO –  move out
WPYou wanna piece of me!
GMOh, They got me!

These are the Chat Codes used in the Doodle Army2: Minimilitia. Use it in your gameplay.

What is Chat Codes in Doodle Army2: Mini Militia

You might have seen some players use some shortened words like CB, NN, LG... in the chat room or while playing the game. These are nothing but the abbreviated form of phrases.

minimilitia chatcodes

These keywords convey some meaning to it. Like CB means 'come on boy' in Mini Militia. These are easy to remember and easy to type in gameplay. Nowadays most games with multiplayer capability having chatrooms and chat sessions use this feature to increase user engagement.

For NOOBIE's they don't understand these things. For that for each Chat code, we could hear the corresponding phrase of it.

Why Chat Codes are used in Mini Militia

Gameplay in Mini Militia is aggressive in nature. People don't want to waste their time on communication. But chat codes will help people to talk between them more efficiently. It takes less amount of time. And it only contains the most important and commonly spoken short sentences for the gameplay situation.

Also, it will improve user engagement and maintain the flow of the gameplay. So enjoy the gameplay with using Chat Codes whenever possible.

Keyboards for Chat Codes in Mini Militia

There are keyboards available in Google Play Store which you can use in gameplay. It is easy to access all the keywords of Mini Militia Chat Codes in these keyboards. These keyboards will help you type the command in a single click. And it is quite good for a person who plays Mini Militia.

So, what are the Chat Codes you would wish to include in Mini Militia which would like to use more? Comment your suggestions here.

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