Sniper Rain Mod for Doodle Army2: Mini Militia - Unlimited Boost

You might have seen players using Sniper to kill enemies in Doddle Army2: Mini Militia. Most times, we find it difficult to get Sniper in Mini Militia. And we also find hard to kill a person who is having a Sniper with him/her. The Sniper using in the game has a very important role. Not only the Sniper But Shotguns are also the most favorites of most of the people playing Mini Militia.

Immediately after starting the gameplay, everyone will search for these two guns. My personal favorite is the Shotgun. I prefer this gun more than anything. And here I want to share one of the best Mods of Mini Militia. And I am pretty sure that you will really love this Mod.

What is Sniper and Shotgun Mod?

You will get Sniper or Shotgun Everywhere in the game. And you can select either one of the guns. And the Avatar is spawned with a Sniper gun in this Mod. And that is extremely helpful while playing the game.

These are just the core features of the Sniper Mod. There are lots of other features in the game which will be really helpful while playing the game.

I prefer this game playing offline. So that you are not cheating in online. There could be a chance of getting banned in the game if you try to use this Mod. And I do not want that to happen to anyone. And it is always fair to play fair.

Features of Mini Militia Sniper Rain Mod

  • Another important thing you should know before downloading the game is about the features of this Mod. One should be aware of the things they are gonna use. Else it will cause some problems.
  • One of the main reasons you will gonna use this Mod is because of the Sniper Rain and also the availability of Shotgun in the Gameplay. You will really love this feature.
  • Another main reason is about the Unlimited Boost we are giving you. This is most important in any Mods of Mini Militia. Without this feature, any Mod will be a waste of time.
  • Unlimited Ammo with the range of bullet is four times the normal range. You don't need to worry about reloading the gun anymore with this kind of Mod.
  • Another feature is the Auto Aim feature, which will surely help you kill the enemies easily. You just need to shot. This feature will increase your chance of hitting the enemy.
  • And your health will increase very fast when you are hit by other players in the game. So your chance of dying will be reduced.

Even though there are lots of benefits playing the game with Mods. You should be aware of the problems with it. It may contain many bugs. There might be problems in connecting to the Server. Some people find this problem to play it Online.

Benefits of Mini Militia Mods

You won't need to be afraid of anything. You can immediately spawn and kill the enemies without hiding or waiting. Getting special things in everything is "Dream Come True" for everyone. Mods are just like those. You will get the superpower to rule over the game.

And you can choose what happens next. Benefits are limitless in Mods. Although it's having some disadvantages. Mini Militia Mods are all over the Internet. But only the Brilliant Mods will win the war. One of those is the Sniper Rain Mod with Shotgun.
Having all these Pros, I personally don't recommend to play with these Mods every time. As this could ruin our gameplay fun. Use this Mod only for exploring beyond the boundaries of Mini Militia.

How to Download the Mini Militia Mod and Install

You just need to download the Mod from one of the links below. You may need to enable the "Install from Unknown Sources" option in your Phone's Settings. After that, you can install the game and play with the game.

Also, watch the gameplay of this Mod from the video below. It will give more information about how the Mod works. So enjoy the gameplay just before installing the wonderful Mode from us.


If you encounter any errors while installing the app or playing the game. Please do contact me through the comment session here. So I can check the problem and fix the issue for everyone.
Note: There can be problems in connecting to the Server. It is best to play with friends offline with LAN Mode.
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