Download MMSuperPatcher Apk v2.3 for Doodle Army2: Minimilitia v4.2.8

MMSuperPatcher is an Android application used to hack Doodle Army2: Minimilitia. And it is widely used by gamers to get Unlimited Health, Jetpack, Bullets, etc. This Super Patcher will help you control over extensive range options. You can get exclusive features for free with the MMSuperPatcher. Here I provide the latest application of MMSuperpatcher v2.3 for Minimilitia v4.2.8

mmsuperpatcher for minimilitia

This application is programmed by Kuldip Patel. And the SuperPacther have Live Patching capability and options to change floating icons. And the developer also provides automatic updates to its latest version of the patcher. So, you don't need to worry about any issues related to Doodle Army2: Minimilitia updates on Google Play.

I will show you the features provided by the developer in the MMSuperPatcher Apk. You will be surprised to see the list. The developer has maintained the Apk in such a manner that everyone will really love it. Below, I will list out the features of the MMSuperPatcher Apk. You definitely need to see this.

Features of MMSuperPatcher v2.3

  • Magik Zoom (8x)
  • Gas from any Bomb
  • You can customize the Walking Speed (Phoenix: Used with the help of Phoenix MODs.)
  • Flag Rewarded Gun (Phoenix)
  • Half Damage
  • Unlimited Health
  • Pro Pack Unlock
  • Store Items Unlock
  • Infinite Flying Power
  • You can select the Primary Gun on Spawn
  • You can choose the Second Gun on Spawn
  • You can use the Primary Bombs on Spawn
  • You can use the Second Bombs on Spawn
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • The Death Sprayer
  • You can manage the Melee Kill Shot
  • Instant Weapon Spawn
  • You can control the Zoom up to 10x
  • Magic Bomb Throw
  • Magic Melee Punch
  • Any Weapon Spawn Lobby
  • You can control the Bullets per shot
  • No Gravity
  • New Dual Wield
  • Any Gun Dual Wield ( old )
  • All Weapon Laser
  • EMP Damage ( You will be rewarded this if you're hit by EMP )
  • No Dual Throw
  • Hide from Proxy Bomb ( Phoenix )
  • Dual Gun on Spawn ( Phoenix )
  • Hide your Weapons ( Phoenix )
  • Instant Health Fill
  • Range Increaser
  • You can set the Custom Symbol of your device
  • Speed MOD
  • Bullet Speed MOD
  • Die by Guns only
  • Die by Bombs just
  • Attach proxy anywhere
  • Fake Seen Bombs
  • Any Bomb from Rocket Launcher ( SMAW )
  • Any Bomb from Saw Gun
  • Any Bomb from RG6 ( Mortar Launcher )
  • You can control your Skills
  • You can manage your Fake seen skills
  • Any map survival ( Phoenix )
  • Sarge's First Weapon ( Phoenix )
  • Sarge's Second Weapon ( Phoenix )
  • You can control the Survival Rounds
  • Instant Respawn 
mmsuperpatcher for minimilitia

These are the features of MMSuperPatcher Apk from KMODS by Kuldip Patel. And I really appreciate his work. I really love this application because of its flexibility in modding the Doodle Army2: Minimilitia game. And the developer updates the patcher each time when the original game is updated on the play store.

This version ( v2.3 of MMSuperPatcher ) supports up to Doodle Army2: Minimilitia v4.2.8 and the size of the application is about 6mb. And it is easy to manage. This application is developed by Kuldip Patel under KMODS.

You can download the link from here.

How to Install the MMSuperPatcher Apk on Android

  1. Download the MMSuperPatcher Apk from the link provided in this post. The version of patcher is 2.3 and is supported up to Doodle Army2: Minimilitia v4.2.8
  2. Install the MMSuperPatcher and the official game from the Play Store or from the Amazon Appstore. ( Enable Unknown sources setting in the android setting )
  3. After installing the Apk, it may ask you to enable the option for Displaying over other apps. You need to allow this to work the Live Patcher.
    mmsuperpatcher for minimilitia
  4. Then you start modding your game by clicking the 'Launch Live Patcher' button. You can customize your setting and close the icon.
  5. Then you can either launch the modded game or create a shortcut for the game. So, later you can simply click on the shortcut to launch the modded game.
  6. That's all. You are good to go. Enjoy!


The MMSuperPatcher is one of the best Live Patcher available for modding Doodle Army2: Minimilitia. It allows you to mod the game while playing the game. And it is super easy to set up. I thank Kuldip Patel who developed this application. So everyone can mod the game without downloading unwanted mods which are not at all customized for individual purpose.
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