Mini Militia Mega Super Mod : Marvel Avengers Edition

Mini militia is a favorite simple multiplayer game launched in Appstore and Play Store and other stores. Many people are crazy about playing this game.

Here, I provide Minimilitia Marvel Avengers MOD, for passionate game players. You can get the MOD for free and play. Download the Avengers version of Mini militia from below link provided.

The features of Mini Militia [Mod Avengers] :

  1. Get the skins of Superheroes. You can be Spider-Man, Iron Man, Bat Man, Hulk and more...
  2. Get the background which is HD and super cool.
  3. You will get Ammo's unlimited.
  4. Grenades are unlimited with Gas Bombs.
  5. And you can continuously fly without any worry. i.e., you get Unlimited Nitro.
  6. Want to hear the funny thing. You will get THOR'S HAMMER, instead of sword :)
  7. Captain America with a new shield.
  8. And custom rooms.

But what failed in this version?

Even though this version is old, it is capable of playing it online. But another thing is terrible news. This version of MOD doesn't show Avengers face in some mobile phones as it is not edited in the entire sprite sheet present in the game code. 

Sorry for that, but it works for many other devices. So take the chance. If any updates are available, I will publish it here.

Can you play online with this version?

Of course, you could play online with other players if you want. That is not highly recommended, as the game is MODDED. And I do not recommend to play it online. It will affect other players gaming experience.

It is recommended to play with your local friends connected using Bluetooth or wi-fi. Let them not kill you quickly. I don't want to spoil your fun :)

Is it Propack enabled?

Yes, it is 100% pro pack enabled version. Enjoy the fun without any limit. You can use any weapon when playing online without any restriction. 

I just love the pro-pack version than anything else. The developers even added additional pro-pack period of 10 minutes for free with Reward Video Ad.

Will You Die?

Obviously yes. You will die like in a regular mini militia game. If an unlimited feature is added all the funs will be ruined without any delay. It will inevitably end for some time.

I don't really like the Unlimited health version of Minimilitia mod. Avengers present in this version dies when they are hit by bullets or bombed.

Will you feel any Lag playing in this Version?

It depends on the speed of the internet connection you have. And sometimes you feel difficult to connect to the rooms or to a lobby.

Although the connectivity in some devices is still a significant problem to the gameplay. It is not a big issue.

Can you Login to your Account?

Yes, you can do that. Please don't do that. It is not good. You may be kicked out, or something terrible will happen if you do so.

Log in to your account only if you are using a legit version of mini militia which you downloaded from official stores.

Want to Change your Avatars quickly?

Do it with simple clicks. You just need to tap left or right in the Avatar session. That's all it takes. If you to change into your custom looks. You can also do it by editing the appearance of the avatar.

I don't know which avatar suits you the best and your favorite ones. It depends on the people. My favorite one is Hulk and Spider-man. But Captain America's avatar stands out to be the best avatar in the version provided.

Captain America, Iron Man, together looks amazing and somewhat stands extraordinary. You will really love it.

Interested in More MODs?

I know you all need custom MODs to play mini-militia. You can also check the Death Sprayer Mod. This is a beautiful MOD to test.

See the Screenshots below for Reference:

Saw the beauty of the Marvel Avengers Version of Mini militia. I'm sure that you will really love this Avengers version in the first look. You can check out the video for more reference. I have included the video in this article.

So before you download, you should be aware of all these things. Remember it when you are downloading.

Download the Marvel Avengers


(In some devices, it seems to be not working as all the sprite sheets images are not edited properly)
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